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“The pictures were all well received and mega! …. am super happy with it. Thanks again!"

PM / Austria

“On the occasion of my end of work, my colleagues gave me a great picture with my future Porsche. I can only say that you did a great job and that the Porsche is presented in a great way. THANK YOU, ...I'm thrilled!"

HG / Gifhorn 

"…We are excited! Thank you so much for putting in the effort, working the night shift and making it possible,,,,,that the picture is already hanging on our wall where it fits well....just perfect!”

PR-P. / Austria

“...I was already excited when I saw the photos...but they didn't even come close to the original. Words fail me, absolutely stunning and world class. Both pictures fit together perfectly”

BH / Weissenburg, Bavaria


"WOW! Fantastically beautiful...can't be put into words! …and yes, you were right…. It's perfect! Thank you very much for your effort!

RM / Osterode

“…the picture arrived yesterday. The original looks even better than the photo. Thanks so much!! HL / Munich”


“The painting is arrived… So excited. Thank you for all your help and patience!

AG / Lightwater Surrey, United Kingdom” 


“The package arrived today. I like the original a lot. Thank you again for making it work despite the short time!

MD / Ruelzheim, Palatinate”


“The package has now arrived undamaged. The picture is great. My joy is huge. Now I can enjoy it all day long. I wish you can bring joy to many more people with your talent and artwork! Thank you again for taking the picture for me!

SV / Biel, Switzerland”


“…I would like to thank you very much for the picture. It gives me great pleasure. MH / Dillingen”

“The painting turned out super beautiful! We're admiring all the time. Thank you very much again! SJ / Frinkenhausen”


“The package arrived undamaged. Again my compliments for your work. The picture fits perfectly...

HJM / Leipzig


“…The picture is bomb!! Great work!

DVL / Hofgeismar, Hesse”


“The picture inspired! Thank you again!

MP / Hamburg”


“I unpacked the picture yesterday. Like it a lot. Thank you again!

CP / Rostock 


“…the picture is already hanging on the wall. Hooray!!!! My husband is happy and so am I. Thanks for the great work! BA / Kalchreuth


“…I'm impressed by your work. Nice paintings! Thank you! JH / Harrisburg, USA”

“Picture is there. Super-duper ! Thanks a lot for this!

MP / Landshut


“The picture arrived yesterday…. It is exactly like I've imagined. Thanks! My husband will certainly be delighted."

NE / Herborn

“Today the picture finally arrived. My husband is thrilled and that's rare!" 

SM / Königshain

“Thanks for the great picture! It's really very successful!"

JL / Hanover

“Pride of place in our house. I love this painting!!!!! Thank you!"

TD / Perth, Australia 


“...the picture was the main prize...that was the nicest present F. has ever received from me, according to him. That's what I call appreciation especially for your great work. Thanks so much!"

SF / Wolfsburg

“The picture came across really well. My husband was very touched and totally enthusiastic about your arts... he thanks you. Thank you so much again for the fantastic picture!"

JD Brunswick

“…was finally able to unwrap this beautiful picture…Perfect! Thank you again! Truly world class!" 

H. / Wolfenbüttel

“Picture looks great! Thank you and best regards!

CP / Nordheim

“…the picture is already there. Very nice! Thank you and best regards!"

RS / Kall, Eifel

“The original was huge. My husband was very happy. He couldn't believe it was painted by an artist as the details of the vehicles were absolutely spot on. So a complete success! Best regards!" CR / Chemnitz

“Pictures just arrived. Look fantastic! Thanks very much!"

SF / Glienicke

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