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ART & commissioned work.

Custom art on Fine Art Level.

Welcome to my picturesque page!

With a mix of creativity, spontaneity and dynamism I also make paintings on your behalf at a high FINE ART level on canvas, stainless steel, cardboard or similar materials.
All paintings are made with acrylic, oil paint and/or graffiti spray.

I make collages from various Objects, magazines, fabrics or natural materials...
Each painting is unique and made by me personally. 
The delivery time is approx. 1 to 6 weeks, depending on the format and the choice of motif... and the order situation.  

Shipping is worldwide, sustainable and made from recycled materials.

Commission painting with studio / workshop in Salzgitter Bad, Lower Saxony
Representative of contemporary pop art, expressionism, impressionism,Bauhaus style, futurism and surrealism Production of company logos.
Creation of custom paintings for customers of various sports car centersas well as vehicle dealers, car dealerships, for various Porsche-centers from Germany to Al Ain, Ferrari-dealer, Maserati-dealer, Bentley-hannover, Volvo-Berlin,Volvo-Trucks-Hamburg, Mercedes young stars , BMW-Fans, VW-Suppliers,Hyundai-dm-Neuwagenzentrum Augsburg, Commissioned works for well-known institutions. 

Sales and private possessions in Europe, North and South America, VA Emirates, Asia, Australia.

Well-known art collectors and art lovers worldwide appreciate the varietyof these individually manufactured works.
Modern and varied motifs, a special visual language and the symbiosis of material mix and painting

always arouse great interest.
The artistic effect is often enhanced through the use of diverse materialssuch as wood, plastic, scrap, glass, Swarovski stones, spices, scraps of fabric,scraps of paper, newspaper clippings, maps, labels and countless more. With the combination of stencil technology, graffiti, different materials andfree painting, an unmistakable style was created.

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